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Give life to old Christmas decorations

Feel guilty about not using those old ornaments and decorations? Instead of tossing them or letting them sit in a box, why not tastefully include some of those pieces in your new holiday design scheme?

Take those random Christmas ornaments and transform them into a:

Christmas wreath
Ornament table runner

make place card holders and how about ornament topiary. The possibilities are endless.

What keeps my holiday décor special is mixing the old with the new and keeping my holiday decorating unique to my home. Everyone always ask where I purchased a center piece or where I got that name holder. Well its simple, as I always says design should be. I give purpose to my old décor every year and that adds savings to my holiday scheme. I love using old paper to wrap old boxes and stacking them to transform a corner. How about taking old garland and wrapping it around our family name letter. 

Getting the kids involved becomes the holiday game time. Who can think of the most things to make with what’s in the box. Children love when their ideas come to life. You’ll be surprised what the family will come with. Make sure to share those wonderful treasure ideas with me. 

Happy decorating my friends. 

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