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Organization January

A fresh opportunity to a new year we approach our home with fresh eyes. What better way then taking little steps to reset our home. One of the main excuses we use to avoid getting organized is that we don’t know where to start. It can become overwhelming and lets us put it off for another day which leads to not getting it done at all. I like to approach the process with one small area at a time that will get organized and start working from there. By the time you get done with that little area you just got yourself motivated to do more. 

Five steps I tell my Clients,

  1. Keep what you use.
  2. Give spaces a purpose.
  3. Arrange items according to how frequently they’re used.
  4. Use storage containers that are particle.
  5. Eliminate clutter hot spots.

It would be impossible for me to cover everything on how to get organized in one article. So, I hope you follow me on Instagram and Facebook for my fresh tip of the day. “Simple living comes with simple design”